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Time:01:41 pm
Current Mood:boredbored
Blah. I got nuttin to say. But I can tell you that I am not dead. If anyone has anything interesting to say (ie conbiology, conworlding, writing, fantasy movies/books/games, sci-fi movies/books/games, etc.), please contact me. I am very very bored.

God's Speed!
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Time:01:56 pm
Current Mood:thoughtfulthoughtful
Zumpty zumpty zum....er ka dum....

*cough* What do I talk about?

I just arrived home from church. At 4:30 I'll head back to church to get my Patriarchal Blessing (which is a big thing in my religion). Yay for me.

Hmmm...I've changed the name of my current conlang from Nadé to Nadéńon (stupid inflections =p). I'm currently working on suffixes. And I just realized that my other conlang, Ehloran (see my first few posts; there're some samples of it) was VERY inflecting, and I never knew it. Every adjective/adverb was used as a suffix on the noun/verb. Blah.

One of the most insulting comments, especially with boys, is this: detahi zààl ([detahi za:l]). It is law that boy join the military at the age of 14 and serve until the age of 22, and detahi zààl means 'false warrior'. I hope I've enlightened everybody....

I've also written out a theory which I've titled Theory of the Construction and Evolution of Time. I'll post a link to it if and when I ever get it uploaded.
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Time:05:51 pm
Current Mood:predatory
I'm going to Navou, Illinois on a church trip this summer. I'm really looking forward to it. Navou is a great place to learn about my church's history. When the early Mormons first came to Navou, it was a swampland. It was a land nobody wanted sold to a people nobody wanted, as I heard yesterday. However, Joseph Smith named it Navou as soon as he saw it, which means 'beautiful city' in Hebrew. They drained the swamps and did indeed build a 'beautiful city', all based around the city's center-piece: the beautiful temple. However, their peace in Navou only lasted for a little over 5 years, when Joseph Smith and others were martyred in Carthage Jail.

I'm currently working on a conlang called Nadé, or Nadese. It's inflecting with some isolation. It has a peculiar number system that is based on .5 (1/2). Nadé is spoken by the Ósilaré Taa, or the Nads (as they are commonly referred). Here's a sample sentence:

Joseph went to the village market and purchased a fish.
Zhosef dhashńíal puuthesaaó-de noliis-de; iiń mikońí shù-cu.
[Joseph] [to go-past t.-towards] [village-3S-poss.-def.] [market-def.]; [directly after] [to purchase/trade-past t.] [fish-indef.]
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Time:12:50 pm
Current Mood:peacefulpeaceful
Another dragon-personality-test-thingy from www.Sommerland.org:

I am an Air Elemental dragon
Your pleasant, laid-back nature ensures you have a large circle of admirers. You are a special friend to many, and though you may not realise it, you are much loved. You also have a creative flair, and you've a dreamy, romantic temperament.

You see the good side in others, when it may be hard to find, and you are kind and caring.

As an Air Elemental dragon, you are inspired by spectacular lightning storms, wind, and sunrises. The sky is your best friend.

You posess the ability to shoot forth compacted air to blow away the most harassing enemies, or the power to throw lightning and thunder around- though with your personality, these gifts are rarely used.

What Elemental dragon are you?

I was looking for the fire elemental dragon, but I guess air isn't too bad. I got this quiz from Whimemsz journal, btw.
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Time:09:00 pm
Current Mood:blahblah
Well, school is back. Blah. I'm enjoying science, though - its helping with conworlding, and giving me ideas. I've begun working on a new conlang, currently untitled. It's my first conlang that's not >50% isolating. It's mostly inflecting. Yay for inflection!

I've written another article on dragons and am working on a third. My research is going fairly well and at a good pace. For info, check out this page: The Official Website of Draconology. I've got a forum up, and already seven members. Seven may seem like only a few, but it's better than one.

Not much else is happening. For a challenge, see if any of you can figure out this puzzle. I couldn't =p.
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Time:03:48 pm
Current Mood:depresseddepressed
Another personality test:


I am a A Viper Drake!

Hey, I took the http://dragonhame.com online Inner Dragon quiz and found out I am a Viper Drake on the inside.

In the war between good and evil, your inner Dragon self is rotten with the stench of EVIL....
When it comes to the powers of Chaos vs. those of Law and Order, your inner dragon walks a fine line between Law and Chaos....
As far as magical tendancies, a Viper Drake's nature does not lend itself well to the ways of Magic....
During combat situations, whether by spells or by claw, your inner dragon will do whatever it takes to get the job done....
The Viper Drake has a sleek, deep green body that moves quickly and swiftly through the swamps and bogs where it makes it's home.'
Despite their evil nature, the Viper Drake is not terribly aggressive and will generally leave most creatures alone unless provoked, that is unless the drake is hungry.'
While not venomous, as it's name might imply, the Viper Drake is a powerful fighter. A Viper Drake makes great use of both it's corrosive breath weapon and it's terrible bite, which has a nasty tendency to fester even the smallest wound. These creatures are dangerous and are widely feared.
This Dragons favorite elements are: Rubies and Hemlock Root



I'm still researching dragons, and have set up a place where I'll put my articles: Official Website of Draconology. I'll probably get a new host or URL soon.
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Time:12:30 pm
Current Mood:hungryhungry
I hope everyone has a great year!

*cough* So how was everyone's New Years Eve/New Years Day? Mine was okay. I spent New Years Eve at a church party until 2:00 AM, then didn't wake up the next day until 12:30. I was so ashamed of myself...I never sleep that late.

I still haven't done much conworlding or conlanging. I've been on another computer, so I don't have my resources or anything to work on it. I have, however, been researching dragons in legend, mythology, and ancient literature, and have started a series of essays. Here's my first (still needs a revision, though): Dragons: An Introduction. It gives reasonable evidence of dragon existance in the past and answers a few other questions about dragons.
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Subject:Been a while...
Time:12:13 pm
Current Mood:awake
It's been a while before I made an update. As I'm sure most know, the ZBB was down for a while, but its back up now. I haven't posted there in a while, though, and its been a while since I visited #almea.

Well, Christmas came and went. My birthday was the 20th too, I went and saw Return of the King too. It was pretty good. For Christmas I got the Return of the King game for Gamecube. Everyone over at GameFAQs.com keep complaining that it's so hard, but I beat it on Normal mode three days after I got it. It was too short for me. I can't wait for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy game to come out next year.

Also for Christmas I recieved some other games, some zoology and linguistic books, and a few other stuff. Also, I don't think anyone knows this, but I collect Star Wars action figures, and I tripled my collection over the holidays =). My brother collects them and comic books too, so I need to call him and tell him I have more than he does....

I haven't done much conworlding or conlangery work lately. I have taken to writing again, but have only done about 5k words in the last couple weeks. I'm currently studying mammalian behavior so I can begin working on con-species again, though.
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Time:02:35 pm
Current Mood:excitedexcited
Hello, my loyal readers. Not much new is happening with me. Right now, that is. Christmas brake begins the 19th, so I'm trying to find some interesting stuff to do over the brake. Also, my birthday is the 20th. Yay for turning 14.

I found out I'm going on a trip to Nauvoo, Illinois this summer. I'm really looking forward to that. I'll get to see Carthage Jail, Joseph Smith's house and store, and walk the same streets the early Saints did.

My main gifts I'll be getting for Christmas are two video games, a dvd or two, some little nifty stuff, and a butt-load of books. I'm getting some zoology and wildlife books, a cryptozoology book, some Church books (from Deseret Book in Utah, via my sister), and a couple novels to read. I wanted a good, think fantasy novel, and I'm debating whether I should get Eragon, by Christopher Paolini. The reviews aren't very good, though, but I still think I might get it.

I'm going to see The Return of the King Saturday, and that's also one of the video games I'll be getting for Christmas. I'm really looking forward to seeing the movie.

No quote, and I'm to lazy, despite my excitement for the coming week, to find one. If anybody knows a website that'll give me random quotes, or that I can search by subject, it'd be much appreciated, lol.
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Time:03:18 pm
Current Mood:lethargiclethargic
I came back into the U.S. four days ago, and have been extremely busy. I've had tons of school work to make up =( My trip was okay; not much turbulance on the flights or anything, but the weather was almost unbearable. I'm used to the coldest being around 20 degrees F, so <0 was pretty bad. Everyone made fun of me because of my huge coat, but I was quite pleased with it. Also, it's annoying how Canadians call the U.S. 'the States', and how they say 'eh' after everything. Blah.

I've written up an article about a conculture in my conworld, "Who are the Zeraghemul?". Also, looking through Wikipedia, I noticed there wasn't much on the Cherokee language, what with few online resources, so I edited it and gave a little more info, as well as some nifty links. But yeah, that's the excitement of my life for the past couple days.

I found this link about strange animal hybrids and uncommon colors, and it's kinda cool. http://www.greenapple.com/~jorp/amzanim/crossesa.htm . I think all of its for real, or at least all of it seems possible, and there's photographs for everything. I've seen a lot of them before, and it has my favorite, the 'Liger/Tigon'. I had no idea they grew to be that large, though. Also, rabies if ravaging the rarest species of wolf, the Ethiopian wolf, and has killed at least 30 wolves so far.

No quote for today. I don't feel like looking one up. I'm sorry, because I know how much you were looking forward to it.
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